Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

Backend Developer and DevOps.

About me


I’m a Software & Computer Engineer with a background of more than 10 years of professional experience in the software industry and university research groups.

Expertise in backend development, DevOps and Data Engineering.

Experience in technical consulting and entrepreneurship. Ability to find creative solutions and innovative ideas.

Specialties: Backend Services, Web Technologies, Scripting & Automation, CI/CD, Software Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture.

Also interested in No-Code product development.


When I was 13 years old I found in my house a little manual about programming in GW-BASIC. Making something with it was a nightmare but also a lot of fun. Just after that, I used Turbo Basic, QBasic, QuickBASIC, Visual Basic,… I used to do programs with GUIs and databases. Then I discover Turbo Pascal. Things got serious with it, and I started doing some graphical stuff.

Firstly I began doing very simple videogames, but then I discover the demoscene. I learned a lot about direct video memory access, algorithms, sound cards, low level programming,… At that time I published my first software: MagicTXT. There was no Internet back then, so it was distributed by a diskmag (a magazine delivered in 3.5” floppy disks through ordinary mail).

I switch to C and assembler and build some interesting graphic engines for 2D and 3D. Also I began using Emacs, what made me discover free software and Linux. Little after I started university and my productivity dropped. I kept learning about C++, Python and Linux by myself, outside the classroom. It was not all time wasted in the University: for my bachelor tesis I worked in computer vision with video, and I developed cvBlob, my first free software project. And I use Vim since then.

After that I got a job working with what I like most: Linux, C++, Python, Bash,… all in the server-side trenches.

Nowadays I’m passionated about web servers, scripting, cloud computing,… and much more.