Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

Full Stack Developer and DevOps.

About me


When I was 13 years old I found in my house a little manual about programming in GW-BASIC. Making something with it was a nightmare but also a lot of fun. Just after I used Turbo Basic, QBasic, QuickBASIC, Visual Basic,… I usually did some programs with beautiful GUIs and databases. But then I discover Turbo Pascal. Things got serious with it, and I started doing graphical things.

Firstly I began doing very simple videogames, but then I discover the demoscene. I learned a lot about direct video memory access, algorithms, sound cards, low level programming,… At that time I published my first software: MagicTXT. There was no Internet back then, so it was distributed by a magazine through 3.5” floppy disks and ordinary mail.

I switch to C and assembler and build some interesting graphic engines for 2D and 3D. Also I began using Emacs, what made me discover free software and Linux. Little after I started college and my productivity dropped. Anyway I kept learning about C++, Python and Linux outside the classroom. It was not all time wasted in the University: for my bachelor tesis I worked in computer vision with video, and I developed cvBlob, my first free software project. I use Vim since then.

After, I got a job working with what I like most: Linux, C++, Python, Bash,… all in the server-side trenches.

Nowadays I’m passionated about web servers, scripting, cloud computing,… and much more.