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Introducing Mukabe

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MukabeThose who knows me realize that I am always working in a lot of side projects, about computing or other crazy things. And Mukabe matches both groups. But this is one of those crazy things that makes more sense the more you think about it.

The idea born in a dream. Next morning I begin to make sense of it, and some days later I started coding.

What is Mukabe?

You can get a quick idea viewing this short tutorial:

When you enter in Mukabe you see a infinite plane, where you can navigate as you are used to do in any online map: drag to move around, zoom in and zoom out,… This plane is divided in squares of the same size that we call patches.

When you signup you get a patch free for life. Here you can upload a photo, connect it to Instagram, edit,… And also you can move to another place in Mukabe. For instance, you can move next to a friend’s patch, or near other patches with a topic that interests you.

If you don’t have enought with a patch, you can get more patches inviting other people. When someone that you invited signup, both will get new free patches. You can move each of your patches to different zones of Mukabe, or put them togethers to build a bigger place.

To distinguish your patches in the distant —and maybe attract other users— you can change the zoom color of your patches. The zoom color is the color that your patch will fade when you zoom out. If you have many patches together you can use the zoom colors to draw a design, a symbol or logo that will be seen in the Mukabe map.

But, what is Mukabe for?

Captura de MukabeMukabe helps you to connect to the world through Internet. Your patch is a showcase for you to put whatever you want to give to the world, what you do, your business, your artworks, curriculum, photographs, memes, quotes,… What you need to express! Maybe you want to have a patch for your cat, and have another with your last photo in Instagram. Or you can have simply a patch to put the links to your social profiles, and this way you’ll have an online card with your networks centralised in one place.

Mukabe is the new way of social online organization. Neighborhoods of patches with common topics will arise. As well as relationships between companies and users. And much more.

Also, you will discover content very different from those that others search engines and social networks offers or recommends to you, because in Mukabe the users are who organize themselfes. You are who arrange your own content. And everything coexist in the same page.

What about the future?

We keep working to make Mukabe easier to use, improving the interface, adding functionality, etc. Of course we are going to add connections to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

We are going to offer to programmers an API so anyone can add new features, automatic content,… So that companies can also make their products or offers availables more easily.

And last, we are working in a system so your can arrange yourself the content in Mukabe that you like. We want that Mukabe will be your new door to Internet. This way you could see in a glance the movie listings in your town, or the covers of the newspapers you were interested in the same place.


From the day I thought about Mukabe, I belive it could be very useful and fun. Business may get visibility without annoying ads. Users will be able to organise themselfes in a democratic way and have as much impact as big companies, to support campaigns, promote social movements, memes,… Also, we will make easy in the future that anyone put together the content that he likes in a personalized way.

If you want to be part of this, and be one of the first to get a place in Mukabe, signup right now.

I also recommend you to visit this places in Mukabe:

¡See you in!

PS: if you belong to any non-profit organization and you want a place in Mukabe contact with me:

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