Hi, I'm Cristóbal Carnero Liñán 👋🏻

Cristóbal Carnero Liñán

I'm a Software Engineer with more than 15 years of professional experience in designing, building, and deploying robust server-side solutions across diverse cloud environments.

My career spans multiple industries, including management consulting, healthcare, energy and utilities, video games, and academic research.

I specialize in Backend Development, DevOps, and MLOps, with a strong focus on using AWS for scalable cloud solutions. I also possess extensive experience in managing containerized applications with Kubernetes and automating machine learning workflows with Kubeflow.

Additionally, I have a solid background in AI development with LLMs, with practical experience using the OpenAI API and have contributed to the LangChain project.

  • Python / FastAPI / Django / Django REST Framework / Flask / Tornado / Celery
  • GitHub Actions / GitLab CICD / Jenkins
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) / Terraform / Ansible / CDK
  • Postgres / Redis
  • Docker / Kubernetes / Helm / Kubeflow
  • OpenAI's API / LangChain / Instructor
  • Next.js / Vue / Astro
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  • Apr2021 - Current
    MLOps Engineer & DevOps
    • MLOps and DevOps for one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.
    • Admin DKube/Kubeflow/Kubernetes infrastructure.
    • Create and deploy Kubeflow pipelines, and models with KServe.
    • Work with data scientist teams to support them in all the stages of the ML lifecycle. That includes: creating proof of concepts, helping with specific parts of the code, deploying in production, develop utility libraries and templates, custom Docker images, writing documentation, and training sessions.
    • Manage AWS infrastructure using IaC (Infrastructure as Code) with Terraform, GitLab CI pipelines, and data engineering for Business Analytics project.
  • Nov2018 - Mar2021
    Cathedral Software
    Senior Data Engineer & DevOps
    • Build solutions for one of the biggest management consulting firms in the world.
    • Backend services for web applications using Django REST Framework for API, Celery for background tasks, and Django Channels for notifications.
    • Work with Data Science team to design and implement cloud architecture solutions in both AWS & Azure, using Terraform.
    • Implement continuous integration with different stacks: CircleCI, Azure DevOps, Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes.
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